The Haunted Driveway

                            Dedicated to Home Haunters


Behind the Scenes


DSC01637This is a picture of an air line break out where air is fed to the different pneumatic animatronics throughout the yard.  This consists of T-connections, quick disconnect fittings and a regulator to reduce the incoming pressure to the correct pressure.







DSC01632This picture shows two relay packs that turn on and off the animatronics which are controlled from a central controller.  These relay packs are what are used in theatrical industry for controlling lighting equipment but are suited well to be used for controlling effects in a haunt.







DSC01589A view of some of the lighting equipment hanging from a large tree that illuminates the Cemetery at night.









DSC01638Sound setup for the Coffin Jumper.









DSC01641Grave Jumper animatronic.

DSC0164002Flying Ghost Projector setup behind tombstone.